Recommended Psychology Reading Material from Frum Therapists


  1. A Terrible Thing Happened by Margaret Holmes et al ( Aliza Tropper)
  2. 8 Keys to Safe Trauma Recovery by Babette Rothschild (Yoel Lipsett)
  3. Getting Through the Day by Nancy Napier (Fayge Silverman)
  4. Healing from Trauma by Jasmin Lee Cori (Fayge Silverman, Ricki Bernstein)
  5. Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors by Janina Fisher
  6. Healing Trauma by Peter Levine (Hindie Klein)
  7. Invisible Heroes: Survivors of Trauma and How They Heal by Belleruth Naperstek (Michael Lieber)
  8. Mindsight by Dan Siegel (Ilana Rosen)
  9. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy: Interventions for Trauma and Attachments by Pat Ogden & Janina Fisher
  10. The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk (Ilana Rosen)
  11. The Body Remembers… by Babette Rothschild (Ruchama Fund)
  12. The Boy Who Was Raised As A Dog by Bruce Perry (Ilana Rosen, Michael Lieber, Rozi Wax)
  13. The Courage to Heal by Ellen Bass (Rozi Wax)
  14. The Developing Mind  by Dan Siegel (Bea Hollander-Goldfein)
  15. The Unsayable: The Hidden Language of Trauma by Annie Rogers (Sarah Miller, Mirel Goldstein)
  16. Trauma and Recovery by Judith Herman (Nachum Klafter)
  17. Trauma and The Avoidant Client: Attachment-based Strategies for Healing by Robert Muller (Mirel Goldstein)


  1. A Child’s Parent Dies by Erna Furman (Robert Lebovits)
  2. Ambiguous Loss: Learning to Live with Unresolved Grief by Pauline Boss (Devorah Goldman)
  3. Dying to be Free: A Healing Guide for Families After A Suicide by Beverly Cobain & Jean Larch (Adele Katzenelenbogen)
  4. Healing Through the Dark Emotions by Miriam Greenspan (Zipa Scheinberg)
  5. I Lost Someone Special by Brocha Goetz & Chani Judowitz (Dovid Fox)
  6. Motherless Daughters…. by Hope Edelman (Lea Koplowitz)
  7. Saying Goodbye by Neal Goldberg and Miriam Liebermann (Nosson Solomon)
  8. The Forgotten Mourners: Sibling Survivors of Suicide by John’s Sister (Adele Katzenelenbogen)
  9. To Comfort and Be Comforted by Rabbi Moshe Haikins (Dovid Fox)
  10. Will I Ever be Happy Again (for children) by Chaya Milevsky