Our Board

Rabbi Dr. Dovid Montrose
President Emeritus of Nefesh Chicago

Rabbi Dr Montrose is the Administrator at Davken Associates, PC. Davken ethically provides therapy for the geriatric and mentally ill populations in long term care facilities. He is a certified IMAGO relationship therapist, that has ardently worked with hundreds of couples to increase their Shalom Bayis from his Skokie office in the WiFi Building. Rabbi Dr. Montrose is a seasoned advisor in community secrutiy. He has been trained and certified in the U.S. and Israel. He holds a Doctorate from Loyola University. Phone: 312-870-7007

Dr. Malka Miller

Dr. Miller is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who earned her doctorate from The Illinois School of Professional Psychology. She is a member of the Illinois Psychological Association and The International Association for Trauma Professionals. Dr. Miller previously worked as a psycho-educational consultant in the western suburbs of Chicago. She specialized in treating children of all ages who suffer from mental, emotional and learning problems. Dr. Miller has experience supporting and guiding parents as they struggle to understand, and make the best decisions for their children. In addition, she has worked in forensic settings such as The Lake County Juvenile Detention Center. She has administered psychological assessments to incarcerated offenders, led anger management and domestic violence treatment groups, and taught mandatory DUI education.

Edward A. Loew, LCPC, CCHP
Board Member

Ed Loew has a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Farleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey. He has extensive educational training in clinical psychology, completing all the class requirements for the Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology at University of Health Sciences/Chicago Medical School. Ed is the Assistant Director of Adult and Family Services, Peterson Office of JCFS. He is engaged in supervision and training of new clinicians. He worked as a clinician at CAUSES (a DCFS Child Abuse agency) for 27 years and was instrumental in the formation of the special Bais Din in Chicago, formed for the purpose of keeping the community safe from known sexual predators. Ed’s expertise includes testifying in juvenile court, evaluations of sexual predators, and treatment of sexual abuse victims. He has a private practice within the Orthodox community.

Renee Lepp, MSW
Board Member

Renee Lepp’s involvement and leadership in Chicago’s Jewish community has spanned nearly 50 years. In that time, she has contributed to programs for seniors, the impoverished, domestic abuse victims, and the homeless population. With her MSW (focus on Geriatrics), Renee began her career at Chicago’s Jewish Community Center Senior Programs and was later promoted to Director of the JCC Senior Center. Renee is also one of the “founding mothers” of Shalva, the first independent Jewish domestic abuse agency in the United States. Coordinating with The Ark, she created shelter space for Jewish women who identified as victims of domestic violence. During the 1980’s and 90’s, Renee went from Social Worker to Interim Director to Director of The Ark, elevating its standing to that of a premiere social service non-profit Jewish agency. Up until 2011, she was also a member of the Interfaith Council for the Homeless, and served as the Jewish representative on the Mayor’s Advisory Board. Her impact has been recognized throughout the Orthodox community and the State of Illinois.

Olga Kilstein, LCPC, MACFT
Chairperson Early Career Professionals

Olga Kilstein, LCPC, obtained her master’s degree in Couples and Family Therapy from Adler University. She is a therapist and clinical supervisor. Olga also has an extensive background in not-for-profit administration. She works with adult and children populations in various settings. She is continuing her education by pursuing a doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from Adler University. Olga’s interests include attachment theory, couple and family therapy, parenting education and support, maternal health, clinical supervision, ethics, and private practice management and administration.

Menucha Robeson
Director of Operations

Menucha Robeson has been dedicated to the field of child welfare services nearly 25 years. For 18 of those 25 years, Menucha was a liaison to the Foster Care Department of the Jewish Children’s Bureau [currently Jewish Children & Family Services] of Chicago’s Jewish Federation. She pioneered a recruitment approach for the Orthodox community, thereby succeeding beyond expectations the number of recruited Orthodox licensed foster parents. Menucha has been a Board member of Nefesh Chicago, the organization of Orthodox mental health professionals, since that chapter’s inception in 1996. Currently, Menucha, the Resource and Community Partnership Manager at In Shifra’s Arms (ISA), provides support to Jewish women with unplanned and crisis pregnancies by offering targeted and tangible services from the first trimester through the baby’s first birthday.